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domenica 21 aprile 2013



Last night Fiocco is gone. He was 19 years old, during which we've always been together, with a physical relationship of great intimacy, as often happens with cats. I remain alone with Strippo (14 years old), to whom I am very fond ... but it's not the same thing. I lost my old boyfriend, the cat most certainly loved.
It closes an era? Who knows, I feel mixed feelings about it. He is no more, but it is also true that the synapses of my brain have recorded my 4-legged companion as a permanent matter. And that certainly mitigates a little  the pain. The mystery of death is nothing but the mystery of life. Everything holds together... /  

Hier soir, le grand Fiocco est parti. Il avait 19 ans, pendant lequel nous sommes toujours ensemble, avec une relation physique d'une grande intimité, comme cela arrive souvent avec les chats. Je reste seul avec Strippo (14 ans), qui j'aime beaucoup ... mais ce n'est pas la même chose. J'ai perdu mon ancien petit ami, le chat le plus certainement aimé.
Il ferme une époque? Qui sait, je ressens des sentiments mitigés à ce sujet. Il n'est plus, mais il est également vrai que les synapses de mon cerveau ont enregistré mon compagnon à 4 pattes comme une question permanente... Et qui atténue certainement un peu de douleur. Le mystère de la mort n'est rien, mais le mystère de la vie.Tout se tient...

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  1. Oh Daniela I am so so sorry. FIocco looks like such a beautiful cat, I am sure you miss him so much.

  2. I had a cat like that too: his name was Maximum and he was also macho and passionate sand strong-minded and protective, too. He disappeared about 5 years ago, and it was really really terrible. I still miss him, even though I have Pomelo now. I understand you!

  3. Dear Maral, Fiocco was a real macho, passionate and jealous... and very requiring, as males are:) Our was a first sight love and for sure I'll miss him a lot... But the imprinting has been strong - I guess for both of us. Therefore I remain a widow, yes, but with hands everything but empty. Thank you for your kind sweetness, that I perceive spontaneous and true!